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Article: What is a 72Styles infinity dress?

What is a 72Styles infinity dress?

A dress is indispensable to every woman. How can a dress be beautiful and fresh? The answer is "super variable". When you look for a changeable dress, infinity dress will be the best choice. It can easily change the way of wearing, very flexible and beautiful.

What is an infinity dress?

Infinity dress (also known as multiway dress) is a stunning dress that can look completely different with only a few simple changes. Infinity dress consists of one skirt and two long belts. You can adjust the wrap way of the belt to create more than 100 different styles: backless, sleeves, one shoulder, halter, strapless, etc!

72styles burnt orange Infinity dress

Infinity dress features

  1. Can be worn many times

The infinity dress is beautiful and widely used. It is suitable for any dress code from wedding to formal activities, so you can wear it more than once.

  1. Suitable for all body types

The infinity dress is suitable for any body shape or figure, because you can create the style according to your own like. From classic to sexy, it looks beautiful.

  1. Absolutely comfortable fabric

The infinity dress is made of high elastic soft fabric. No matter how your figure changes over the years, this gorgeous dress will still be very suitable for you. Moreover, it is also suitable for pregnant women! High elastic and soft fabric will subtly highlight the abdomen of pregnant women. At the same time, it's also the perfect choice for you to take pictures of pregnant women.

  1. Wide rage of color options

The infinity dress has over 31 gorgeous colors for you to choose from, which can can work for dinner parties and weddings to make you stand out in the crowd.

How to wear infinity dress?

Unlimited choice of styles makes infinity dress an essential part of women's wardrobe. Follow our simple tutorial to find the perfect style to set off your figure and show off.

Shoulder straps infinity dress styles

72Styles Shoulder straps infinity dress styles
Cap Sleeves infinity dress styles
72Styles Infinity Dress Tutorials-Cap Sleeves
Halter infinity dress styles
72styles halter infinity dress styles
One Shoulder infinity dress styles
72styles one shoulder infinity dress styles
72styles one shoulder infinity dress styles
Sleeves infinity dress styles
72styles sleeves infinity dress styles
Halter infinity dress styles
72styles halter infinity dress styles
Shoulder straps infinity dress styles
72styles shoulder straps infinity dress styles
Off Shoulder infinity dress styles
72styles Off Shoulder infinity dress styles
Strapless infinity dress styles
72styles Strapless infinity dress styles

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Does Infinity dress suit your wedding?

I think only you and your bridesmaid can answer this question: is infinity dress suitable for my wedding?

If you are looking for a satisfactory dress for your bridesmaid group, infinity dress has 100 different ways to suit the style of bridesmaid, making it a best choice for Bridesmaid dress.

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